Who can code (computer science, etc)


wassup people

im taking my first computer science class and its really easy

maybe because it is a level one class

or maybe the fact i can do episode code that makes it easy.

but ya :slight_smile:


I’m taking that too.:joy:


lol i decided to take it since i cant speak spanish for shi


I take programmers workshop and Spanish, but I have to say that Spanish is definitely much easier. I started coding before I started on Episode, which I do think helped me. I am always available to answer any programming and/or Spanish questions if you need it! (I’m kinda a language nerd lol)



i just think im totally bad at languages oof

and if i need help ill def ask you :slight_smile:



i love this class sm but not the ppl ugh theyre so annoying




I’m taking a computer class too! We’re learning Python. :smiley: