Who can help me with coding?

Hi there! I’m currently learning how to code, but it’s pretty hard. I know the basics, but English isn’t my first language so that makes it extra hard. Is there someone who can help me? Maybe do it together? Or just someone who can show me a few things. Please only respond if you have time to help me.

And yes I know that there are tutorials on Youtube, I already watched them, but that’s just to learn how to enter a scene or how to exit.

Oh and if your dutch, let me know :stuck_out_tongue: It makes it easier for me.

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Hello Im a swede nearby I guess and I would love to help you plus jag tror vi förstår varandra? kanske?

Hey! Tysm! Do you have instagram? Maybe we can talk there

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Yes, my username is elionorarosenlundse

Okay i’ll follow you and send you a dm

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If you have questions I will love to help you! You can just dm me on IG @annaw.stories and I also do script templates and guides sometimes to which you can find a link in my IG bio :white_heart:

Thankyou so much! I will follow you on instagram <3

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