Who can make a good episode

Hi guys i’m having trouble make a background for my story Precious Mistake,
What i’m trying to say is who can make a background for me based on a precious mistake it would be wonderful, if you can email it to me!

make sure to add me on Instagram @xxjoselyn.nxx (you can dm me the cover)
btw it’s a small cover 420x580

Moved to Art Resources. :wink:

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I can try! Send me the details

Oh thank you very much,
Sending details:
through instagram: xxjoselyn.nxx

through email: datgirljose@gmail.com

all I need is a cover based on a episode called : Precious Mistake, it would be lovely if you made a cover for it!

its 420x580 :sweat_smile:

Ok, I gotcha

ty i published my story aswell and if you don’t mind you can read my story

Okay. I will

ty and i will shout you out!