Who can make me splashes?

Hii loves
Can someone make me some splashes for my story?

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INK or LL?


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I can’t help but @erin.gieser.episode can

okay tyy x

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i can try:) currently i have only two examples:

i love the first one!! could you make that with this character?

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i can! can you just give me the background since i don’t have this one anymore?:black_heart:

Can u just use a city at night? xx
could you make 1 about my insta for sneekpeaks and updates, my ig is sofiaxrosay
and 1 about music and 1 about language and those scenes warning

did you mean this? :’)

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Yeah that’s fine x

and could you do 1 from google searching “new york night” and just pick 1 u like

i can. can you give me your character’s outfit?

do you like one of these? and do you want one background for all splashes or more of them?

i love these!

i finished the first one! x



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I can make one!

the second one: