Who can make real looking person arts from my characters?

Hey everyone im looking for someone who can make real looking arts of my characters and of my author character??

If you know someone please let me know ??

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I Can send you to at least 50 people and evry single one will only work for money

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I dont mind paying for it as long as the characters look kinda real then im happy

well depends on how much. a lot i know is very expensive.

art is expensive. i have a friend who sell them for 100 doller a piece. she is the most expensive though so i would not recomand her art

I do realistic art, for commission, you can see some examples on my instagram (@cheyara_episode58)

Sisters…Accepting money when it’s based around episode assets is not allowed. :upside_down_face:

I am aware of this rule… I never said I use episode assets either :woman_shrugging: None of my realistic art work uses anything episode wise. There are plenty of commission artists that do break that rule, but I’m not one of them.


Just pointing it out in case you were unaware

Ok, just seems a bit random when nobody said anything about episode assets, but fair play.

Depending on how realistic you’d like the drawing I might be able to help. I do commissions and idk you could check out my IG for some examples :thinking:

Well it was more about the commission aspect. Usually people on here want art if their characters, which tends to use episode assets, hence my comment.

Sorry if it came off as rude or anything.