Who can resize these backgrounds?


I found those backgrounds at pinterest but the size is not good to upload to the portal. Who can make these background ready to upload?

xx Lynn

%20FANCY%20BEDROOM%20GRAY%20-%20DAY%20(pinterest) %20FANCY%20BEDROOM%20GRAY%20-%20NIGHT%20(pinterest)

They are big enough now (I guess)

Tell me when they are still too small

nope, it says:
Images must be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall! Yours was only 1134x671.


And now?

Before you upload them to the portal, do you know the creator of those backgrounds? Pinterest is a great place to find amazing backgrounds for your story but there are some people that stole the backgrounds from the editors and upload to the website without any credit.

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Then the image isn’t going to be excepted by the Episode staff. She can always try it.

And you need to download the backgrounds, or they will not be the size I made them.

There are already some situations where the backgrounds are accepted anyway but not given credit in the story. Yes she can try to get away with it, but there are actually some editors that would call people out for stealing them. I’m just saying to save her from the trouble

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Yes I understand :wink:

I found the backgrounds here

But I don’t know who made it…

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Maybe you can take a look at pixabay.com? Those are free images, but they aren’t drawings…

I checked out the link and it seems like the user didn’t give credit to whoever made the background. If you don’t know who made the background then it’s better to not use it at all. I get my backgrounds from Pinterest too, but it’s better to avoid episode backgrounds as they are more likely stolen. Look up visual novel backgrounds, anime backgrounds, and fantasy backgrounds because you can reduce the risk of having to steal backgrounds without your knowledge


okay… :frowning:
this was just the perfect bedroom :sob:

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