Who created this? <3

Hey everyone! Just a quick question, I found this background in the forum and I loved it! Does anyone know who created this background?

Looks nice. Isnt it one of the oficilal episode backgrounds? It looks like the one with name ext jules house or so I think… But seems slightly modifiet… Maybe you can use the original? .14F5A86F-5D91-4ED1-9971-671493EBBBAD

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I find this one really cute! It gives it a much nicer touch, at least the right side :slight_smile:

Yeah I get you. Unfortunately I dont know who is author of this modification., :thinking:

I hope the Instagram community does! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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It’s a hidden background.

Aww really??? :sob::sob::sob:

Oui, vraiment :chef: :blob_hearts:

Thank you! :smile:

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