Who did it - Official roleplay


Welcome to who did it

20 people wake up in a strange place and one by one are being killed and no ones know who can you trust you have 2 days to figure out before you die you will have 10 days to figure out who is killing everyone one by one and why

1.if you gonna curse blur it out


3.you must ask before joining

4.don’t try to make people loose

5.Be fair

If you want to join pm me


Fiona: Fiona was at home. In her house it was pitch dark, But then she couldn’t see.
The time she opened her eyes… There was a dark room with blood on the walls. And a corpse.
“HELP! HELP!” Fiona screamed. No one came…


Ciana: I woke up in a pitch black room with a blood puddle all around me. I got up and pounded on the walls crying for mercy. I got no response. i sat there sniffing


Fiona: I ran to another room. It was dark… And there was a puddle of blood, I saw a girl.
“Are you okay?” I asked.


Ciana: I’m fine, are you okay? Do you know how we got here?







Fiona: “Nope, I was at home and it just blacked out…now i’m here.”
I said. “Do you know if there’s any others?” I asked.


Fiona: Shit! What am i going to do? “Do you remember what happened?” I asked.


Ciana: No I don’t remember what happened. But, we need to see if there are any others. And we need to get out of here, I don’t intend to stay here. I led Fiona out the door, and we got to a livingroom blood on the walls spelling, YOUR NEXT Fuck! I said. One of us gotta have done some bad shit then, Cause I don’t remember anything


AHHHHHHH theres a dead body on the floor


Ciana: I side stepped the body and wen into the kitchen. I saw a little girl in the corner of the room. But I don’t think she’s real. I’m seeing things!



Ahhh helppppppppppppppppp!!!


Ciana: I rush out the kitchen and ask one of the girls what’s wrong


Fiona: “AHHHHHHH” I screamed. I almost fainted. I was so scared… My body just froze. “W-What do we do?” I asked.


Ciana: Deep breathes. Were not going to get out of here if were panicking.


Fiona: “I know, But still.” She says.


Ciana: Well I know how to pick locks. I think I hear a baby crying in a room down the hall. Do you have a hairpin?


Fiona: “Yeah, I do.” She said
She gives her the hairpin.


Ciana: I go down the hall to the door and the crying becomes louder. I take the hairpin a unlock the door to see a bay in the middle of the room with a woman holding it