Who did you choose in Engaged To A Vampire?


Engaged To A Vampire is a fantastic series.
But who did you end up choosing at the end?
Morrigan had 3 choices. Ethan , Damien & Vladimir.
My choice was easy. Ethan always & I was beyond obsessed with Ethan and Morrigan.
How about you?


Vladimir was the only one who was honest, but I sent him into exile in part two.

I wish there had been an option to not have Morrigan sleep with any of them.

“But presently, catching hold of the mizzen shrouds, he swings himself to the deck, and in an even, unexhilarated voice, saying, “Dinner, Mr. Starbuck,” disappears into the cabin.”


Vladimir was just too boring for me. & if Morrigan wouldn’t have had any love interest, there wouldn’t be room for a sequel.


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