Who did you choose in the Enchantress?


Who did you have Eva choose in the Enchantress story at the end & why?
I felt very strongly attached to Kai as a romantic interest throughout. I felt the story was pushing Jake as the choice however I just didn’t feel as much romantic chemistry between them and loved their friendship + I shipped Jake and Eva’s sister instead.
So I chose Kai & very happy that the author gave us a choice at the end.


I chose Kai even though I made Eva get mad over Jake and her sister. I couldn’t decide who she should choose so I was just like well she liked Kai from the start I might aswell pick him.


Jake had potential but I really loved her & Kai.
Kai is :fire::fire:


Yeah and he shared her passion for photography which is something I felt Jake didn’t really understand


Yeah & Kai even dressed up as Mr. X which was deffo mysterious and alluring which made me more in love with him


Yeah and even as Mr. X he showed how much he cared about Eva


Yes it was so sweet.
I like to think Jake ended up with her sister anyway so they’re still part of each other lives.


Yeah I hope so too, Jake and her sister just seemed better together and I would like to think they had their own happy ending


I’m glad that story gave you the choice. Cause idk it sorta felt like the author wanted you to choose Jake. They had so many special art scenes together that looked romantic you know?


Yeah I got the feeling that if the author could choose for us then she would have picked Jake but Im glad we got to choose


I also picked Kai. It wasn’t fair for Eva to get mad over her sister liking Jake because she was already in love with Kai, anyway.


Agreed! Jake & her sister had so much chemistry together & so did Kai & Eva.
I’m happy that most users chose Kai.
I love him & he was devoted to Eva throughout.


I chose Kai because I thought Jake and Eva would still be friends and I think Eva and Kai would definitely would lose contact if she doesn’t chose Kai.

And I just liked Kai better


Yeah I think most people chose Kai.
He just fit better with Eva over Jake.


Kaiii of course! The Enchantress was literally my obsession since it first came out :smile:


The art scenes in that story were so beautiful. I binged it pretty fast.
Really good plot.


I chose Jake bcoz I felt that connection between them the true passion ,the one the author was trying to show us ,their bond .it’s not about whose more hot but about how u feel when u be in their company .And I felt that Eva was more comfortable ,happy ,secure n confident when she was with Jake than with Kai .


I understand what you mean but I felt she was also confident with Mr. X who turned out to be Kai. The only bond I saw between her and Jake was friendship. It was definitely a hard choice.


I don’t think we chose Kai cause he was hot, that was a bonus. I genuinely liked Jake & Eva’s sister better then I did with Jake and Eva.
Eva always had a romantic connection from Episode 1 with Kai & Mr.X


Actually it depends on the taste or mindset of the reader ,it’s them who have to make a choice at the end .But I think the writer was trying to show their connection through instances like …when they dance together in the storm ,the way Eva feels it’s definitely love …