Who did you choose in the Teacher?

Who did you choose in the Teacher at the end?
I chose Darryl he was so sexy and cute at the same time, I loved his personality
His chemistry with Mia was undeniable :slight_smile:
One of my fave stories.

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I chose Will, I liked him way more. Darryl was an ass . Didn’t really like him. Also, it’s fun to not choose who the author wants you to choose or focus on x3


Really? I found him great but to each their own :two_hearts:

Darryl was the teacher if that makes you remember any better.

Yeah, him & Mia were super cute.

Whoever was best friends brother.

I chose Sam (That Best friend brother)…
I guess…

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I chose Will :kissing_heart:

I didn’t end up choosing as episode reset all my stories progress for some reason a while back but i think I would have chosen the teacher.

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Yeah I love Darryl. I think a lot of people chose him.

I choose Will, I believe. He treated the MC best, although Sam was nice too. I didn’t feel sparks with any of the characters.

Darryl was hella rude & inappropriate.
That’s just my opinion though.


I ended up choosing Sam. Darryl was always angry, and always had an excuse instead of genuinely apologizing to Mia.

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Yeah I’m obsessed with Darryl he’s great.

I chose Will :kissing_heart:
Tbh, I didn’t really like Darryl at all :sweat_smile: he constantly treated everyone (including Mia) horribly, and the only thing that Mia seems to like about him is that he’s hot (not to mention, I reallyyyy dislike characters that are overly jealous. There’s protective, but then there’s just plain possessive). However, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, that he was a better person near the end of the story.
I really liked Sam, but I just don’t know enough about him, so there weren’t many sparks there.


Darryl & Mia had a lot of chemistry & he was deffo the most popular pick of anyone in the story.
Team Darryl & Mia for life

to those who chose daryl don’t you find it creepy that he was her teacher in high school? i can’t get past that lol

No, especially since u knew what you were reading when u read the story description.
I love student, teacher romances tbh

That’s the reason most people chose him.
People who read the story were looking for a student/teacher romance.
If you didn’t want that, don’t read it.

yeah i stopped reading it because of that. :sweat_smile: