Who do you ship more? *poll*

Hey guys ! As you all know by my pfp and my name, i’m a simp for Marco Diaz hehe !

So, I made this poll for people so YOU can choose which couple you ship more !

If you’ve never watched this show before and don’t know the characters then i’ll let you know .

- getting to know abt the show

So our MC (main character) is a 14 year old princess from a different dimension called Mewni. She is the heiress to the royal throne of Butterfly Kingdom. Basically, she’ll become queen once she’s older.

- the characters
- star (MC)

Star - she’s blonde with blue eyes and is the heir to Butterfly Kingdom. She is our MC. She is very sweet and caring! She loves to do her own thing and urges to be the most unique queen ever. She’s super duper cute, and you just can’t not love her !

- marco (love interest/best-friend)

Marco - Marco Diaz is 14 years old. Marco is Star’s best friend, and was her first friend/tour guide when she first transferred over to Earth. He’s known as the “safe kid” and is more shy. He’s very nice and compassionate.

- tom (love interest/ex)

Tom - Tom is Star’s on-and-off boyfriend. Tom is the heir to underworld. He is also 14 and is a Devil/Human. Tom struggles with anger issues, and earlier in the beginning of the show, he was trying to win Star back. Recently, Tom has been working on becoming a better and calmer person, not only for Star, but also for himself. He is changing, but slowly.

Now your all caught up! So YOU choose who you think looks/would be a better couple. & who you ship more :))

- starco (star & marco)


- tomstar (star & tom)

Who do YOU ship more as a couple?
  • Starco (star & marco)
  • Tomstar (star & tom)

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I don’t know who these people are and I’m not about to ship 14 year olds but that alien guy looks hella cool. I wish the best for him. He gets my vote.


ahhhh i used to love this show when i was younger lmao

ngl i see Tom and Janina tho

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Lol, I used to watch this show when I was in middle school and I always hoped Marco and Star would get together, so :eyes: (Starco for me)

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OML YESSSSSSS !! i could imagine them together

yesss team starco

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no idea what this is but TOM WHO? starco atwww :joy::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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LMAOHFKJDFHDJKFSFJDKH TOM WHO??? we don’t know him :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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i guess he’s one of the MCs in the show Tom & Jerry?


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isn’t tom the cat…?

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Yup, he’s our star cat :relieved::star_struck:

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