Who does splashes for free?

hi Guys,
Does anyone here make splashes for free?


I can!

I don’t have any splash examples but here are some other edited things I have



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Can i have a splash?

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Could you tell me what u want it to say… The Character(s) u want on it and maybe a theme?

theme: pastel
CD: Body: Female Generic Body and Neurtal 01
Brow: Round Thin High and black dark
Hair: Beach wave hair and blonde medium
Eye: Round medium and brown dark
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty and Pink deep gloss

Enjoy this story made by whitney_episode1

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I’ll have that done sometime today… If u want anything else feel free to ask!

@Sydney_H Can you close this please?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: