Who does this BG belong to?

I remember finding these on the forums but I can’t find who made them :((

edit - this was closed for some reason but please PM if anyone knows who the castle one belongs to

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I think @CinnamonToast made the first one? I’m not too sure though.

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Nope, not me, but thanks.

Edit: I looked at it again, and I DID EDIT IT when I started on the forums, but as a hint to others, this was an edit, and I don’t know if I used overlays that were from google, which ARE copyrighted, SO PLEASE DON’T USE IT.

Thank you Blooper Bop. :kissing_heart:

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Oh, uh, no problem! I love your editing skills btw. :two_hearts:

Closed: Marked as solved by thread op :v: