Who does this kitchen background belong to?

I found this background, but I have no idea who it belongs too. Please tell me!

Did u find the background on EpisodeLife.com

Just on the internet images

Are you sure this isn’t copyrighted? Because most of the images on google have got copyrights and you can’t use them. You can use images from pixabay.com or pexels.com.

Pixabay sizes don’t really work
Do you know how?

There are many sites on the Internet to resize images. Otherwise I can help you resizing.

Oh okay! Thank you! I’ll just use another background instead

Sure! If you need it resized just ask me!

@shellyg Is this your background?

Do you think it belongs to @shellyg

I reverse searched:

I don’t understand

right click in the picture, I clicked “search google for image”

It belongs to Joseph Evans. He has this website called Episodelife.com . You can use any background from there for free! Hope I helped;)