Who else agrees that Mafia Stories are overrated?


Ok so I’ve been looking through the app…









Like seriously wtf… And most of them aren’t even that good…


Lol yeah. I hate how that is the broad appeal. I’d rather read about fantasies.




Like do these people just think… “Hmm? I see a lot of Mafia stories that have millions of reads, so lemme make my own cringy mafia story! Even though my content is dumb, and doesnt follow guidelines, I’ll get millions of reads too!” IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT…


Whilst I don’t actually like Mafia stories, I too find they aren’t very entertaining and most of them follow the same storyline so are quite predictable, they’re popular because it seems people like the thrill of a ‘bad boy’.
It is possible to write a decent Mafia story but some authors prefer to stick to the usual plots instead of branching out of the mould.
Everyone has a preference I guess :woman_shrugging:


I agree, can there be more stories about realistic events? Also I doubt I would fall in love with someone who has kidnapped me and forced me into a gang, it’s just not likely


I agree. A lot of people find joy in a douche that is rude to their character, does illegal stuff, and cheats on her, kidnaps her, kills a loved one, etc. Just imagine all of this stuff in real life! You wouldn’t fall in love with a rude bad boy that killed your father in real life, would you???


It’s honesty what the majority of readers like on Episode, there’s not catch to it, people like stories filled with scandals, sex and controlling men. :laughing:


No but I think that’s the point. It’s fiction, made up and isn’t real so people can use it to fantasise about the bad boy that treats everyone awfully and would kill to protect them. I find it nauseating but that’s just me.


Exactly! Its fairly stupid. Then the people like to call themselves “feminists” or “tasteful readers” I’m like wth boy bye


I kind of like them as long as the story is good? I mean, everyone can write about whatever they want. I’m also writing a gang story, because I didn’t like how the ones that are already there start and I couldn’t connect to the MC. It’s just a story in my head thatis I want to tell.


Same here, my first story was a hit and it was a mafia story, as I became more passionate with reading unique stories, I lost faith in my one and I tried making it different, but it’s yet to be done lol.


Yeah, I’ve read one where the character having a mafia leader as a dad and he was a member himslef didnt go to bad, But he TRIED TO KILL MC TO SAVE HIMSELF A HONORARY SPOT IN THE GANG thats taking it too far. especially because she fell in love with him even more afterwards


if your story is distasteful, and super cliche mafia crap… then I wont even bother… especially if the name is like “Mafia Love” or “Mafia Lovers” or “Forbidden Mafia” or “Mafia Bad Boy” or “Mafia Girl” or “My mafia boyfriend” etc… I’m like… umm… bruh… nope…


Thinking more about it there is actually one mafia/gang story I have enjoyed. Through Raven’s Eyes’s - I can’t think of who the author is off the top of my head but she incorporated fantasy into it as Raven, the MC, can see the future. Because it had it’s own completely out there twist, it was much better than the usual.


I know right! Personally, I get tired of seeing stories dealing with mafias/gangs. It’s cliche now.


Well, a lot of people like the adventure and drama of these stories. Criticism of people’s stories that they probably worked hard on based on your own personal opinion isn’t really needed. Just saying :woman_shrugging:


You’re back!!!


What makes them interesting anyway?


For me, it’s the unrealistic part of it. It will never happen in real life, but in stories, everything’s possible. Why should I read a story about something that happens to me everyday, when I can read a story about some guy changing for the MC? As long as the directing and spelling is good (so the author made an effort writing the story) I enjoy those stories that distract me from my normal life.