Who else agrees that Mafia Stories are overrated?


I’m NOT trying to start a fight here. I’m just giving an opinion about this topic. Many Many people make mafia stories. Some people hate it, then why comment such bad stuff about it? If you hate mafia stories, then just leave them alone. NOT all people hate mafia stories like all of you! People put in effort for their stories! Just try to appreciate it! Honestly, I’m not really a fan of mafia but this thread will hurt some peoples’ feelings. Again, I’m just giving an opinion here. If you don’t like my comment, just flag it, I don’t care. I’ll take my leave.


If everyone has different views then this thread is allowed to be here-just because this person may not share the same view as another person, doesn’t mean their thread deserves to be shut down. You are just contradicting your statement within those sentences. This thread is here because this person holds a view. A different view from mafia lovers, one that I agree with, but others may not and I respect that.

No war is necessary between people who love Mafia stories and people who aren’t fans of them as this thread is solely for those who want to discuss their opinions based on the topic-war can only start if others start it. If someone loves Mafia stories, it’s honestly just best if they ignore this thread.

They are going all out to announce to the world Mafia stories’ faults? What they are doing is stating their opinion and standing by it-not everyone needs to agree, but some of us do, and we have a thread to talk about it.

You are telling them to keep this thought buried deep inside of them, to not speak their opinion. They are not targeting anyone in specific, just stating how the app is littered with so many mafia stories, ones that glorify love that can even end up being abusive. If I made a thread saying who else agrees that pizza is so overrated for parties? And talked about how I didn’t like pizza-I don’t need a pizza lover telling me I can’t state this opinion.

This statement confuses me a little :thinking: , I still respect other people even though I don’t share the same likes/dislikes as them.

Anyways, we all have our opinions on stories, our likes, dislikes, but we should never let our differences on what we find in stories as bad/good tear us apart :sparkling_heart:


Stating their own opinion is okay…
But some of them are commenting about how their ideas are bad everyone have different views. Ideas are different. The storyline should not be critisized. Its their own ideas. A person can dream right? Constructive Critisim is okay but telling them their ideas are wrong…it gives a different impression. Not all ideas are perfect and they should be encouraged, not critisized. The scenes…everything else, critisizim is okay. Some of the comments about Mafia Stories are hurtful though. Why not flag them instead? What if some mafia authors read this? Their hardwork over the stories they’ve written for months… Yeah, minor changes are okay, but request and comments on the major changes on the storyline, they may be hurt.

I do agree shutting the thread down is completely unnessary. Some needs this thread to voice out their thoughts. Just make sure that this doesn’t hurt them and reach the line of bullying. @Emtara , maybe shutting down this thread won’t help things.

Others like @Dahlia_Blossom and @eschatonmoon , please view this from the other side of the story too. Why critisize the bad things and ignore the awesome things in the story?
@Dahlia_Blossom Imagine one day a group of people form a group and say all sorts of bad things about art. There is no wrong or right. Its just the way people phrase it. @Emtara wanted to shut it down due to the reason of Mafia Lovers may read it and somehow be offended. Please understand.
@eschatonmoon I know you don’t like Mafia stories but can you just ignore? Some people actually likes Mafia (me not included) and support this thread but sometimes the comments go out of hand and will cause lots of hurt. This thread will not be shut down. Just keep in mind that everyone has different ideas. Mafia, Love, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller… You can’t tell an author who loves Mafia that the idea is entirely wrong. Falling for a criminal…it may happen. Everything is just fiction. Just a simple reminder, everyone have different points of view and you can’t just judge from a point.

Thank You if you are reading until here. Hate me if you want. Again, I am just voicing out my own opinion.


I don’t like 90% of the Mafia stories because`they are the same. An innocent girl is captured by big, strong gang leader and she falls in love with him and he treats her like shit:unamused:.


I always read them, because I like the story line, but many have the same concept. A girl sees a murder random and is kidnapped by the head gang leader and forced to be a part of the gang and fight and they fall in love. Many of these stories have sloppy cliche storylines, or are offensive or just plain boring, I’ve honestly never made it up to the end. I only finished chain reaction. But even if I don’t like it, I never said anything bad about it, I just kept it to myself. If I spent all my time negatively commenting on stories I don’t like, I wouldn’t have time to live my life hahah. I think if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all. :):grinning:


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“Immature people”, you may want to rephrase that again, because you purposely insulted someone and questioned their intelligence.


To be honest, I’m so sick of the word “overrated”. Especially with my story being a mafia story, and people saying in my fan mail “Your story doesn’t deserve these reads”… my story does deserve these reads. Personally I think it’s about knowing who your demographic audience is, mine is mostly people who are interested with the mafia, (obviously not their killing sprees, and drug deals etc.) but how it all began and the different relationships that come out of it. Of course why I see people think it’s “overrated” as it’s the only thing you see in the trending section, however you can’t come at an author for having a million reads and calling their story overrated - it’s completely discrediting the author. You can do so many things with mafia stories, the overall story may not even be about the mafia, if anyone has read my story they’ll know that it is about friendship, enemies and finding love in a dark world. Please just think about what you call overrated, as it certainly would hurt any author’s feelings… as it did mine. :heart:


She is pointing out your biased points, honey if you walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. :heart:


If you have a problem with the overrated mafia stories, tell that to the millions of readers watching them… don’t ever discredit any author, and that’s what I have seen scrolling through this topic.


Oof… Girl. I do agree that mafia stories are overrated and terrible for many reasons, but you’ve just gone too far with this post. Everyone’s opinion is technically welcome on any thread as long as everyone stays somewhat on topic and respects the guidelines. I understand the frustration but speaking like this to people isn’t helping the point you’re trying to make.

To anyone who’s worried that this thread might be “offensive”:
Constructive criticism can and will sometimes offend artists. But that’s not a reason to shut it down. You’re choosing to put your work out there; you will get praised but also criticized. And just like you chose to put your work out there, you have the right to choose which criticism you listen to and which you don’t, while hopefully being self-aware and honest with yourself. This thread’s title is very clear, so you got to admit that you did choose to come here and look at people’s negative thoughts regarding mafia stories, knowing that you might get offended. Also, it doesn’t matter how much “work” an author puts in their story and it doesn’t matter how popular it is. Popularity does not equal good, I don’t think I can stress this enough.

Anyone can voice their opinions as long as it remains respectful. The relationship between art and the criticism of that art is a complex one but is necessary if you want to get better at your craft and share your work with the world. Don’t constantly beat yourself down for your mistakes but do learn from them and seek to better yourself (that’s for authors, readers, everyone).

Anyway, good luck with your stories, to any authors here.
And have a nice day, everyone :blush:

EDIT: I didn’t want to post on here again due to all the arguing. But I just don’t want this thread to be taken down because of people throwing insults and going overboard with their rants.


@Dahlia_Blossom I totally get that you don’t like mafia stories, but I don’t think you should be yelling at people just because they may disagree with you or have opinions on your thread being offensive. I definitely feel that mafia stories are pretty unrealistic and always have the same plot, but I don’t totally despise them. (This is not hate!)

But I used to be a victim of cyber bullying and it hurts a lot when someone calls you dumb, it can really diminish someone’s self esteem, so just be mindful of that :slightly_smiling_face:


@AllyJay I agree with you. I’ve scrolled through every comment. While some posts may be constructive criticism, some may not be. Comments like “You should improve on…” are okay but some like “They don’t deserve million reads,” , “their ideas are bad” are not wanted here. This is the reason.


Sure, I understand what you mean. However, everyone can voice their opinions. Whether they want to give constructive criticism or just rant and vent, that’s up to them, as long as they respect the forum guidelines. No one can shut it down simply because it offends them. Just like you have every right to express your discomfort with some of the comments you see, they have the right to continue ranting and criticizing (again, as long as it stays within the guidelines). A thread is, by default, meant for discussion and debate, in my opinion. So I think your point of view is welcome here too. Doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree :slightly_smiling_face:

Although, this is a thread meant to criticize and rant about mafia stories, so negative talk about mafia stories and people strongly disagreeing with you if you like mafia stories is to be expected.


This is what I am talking about.:rage:


She’s has the right to say those things, though :woman_shrugging: Just like you can voice how it upsets you. After all, she’s not making personal attacks on a particular author or story, so those comments are just criticizing the genre in general, which I also find problematic (the genre, not her comments). You can choose to just ignore those comments if they really affect you so much now that you’ve already expressed your thoughts about them :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys, let’s please stay on topic. This thread is for people who agree Mafia Stories are overrated. There is no need for a fight. Please PM anybody if you have a problem with what they said and explain to them your concerns. Thank you. :face_with_monocle::sparkling_heart:


I don’t really like Mafia either but in case this gets out of hand. Anyway, I’ll just be leaving this topic unless the critisizm is back again. I’m just viewing from my own angle all this time so I guess I should understand @Dahlia_Blossom 's view too. Sorry for causing such trouble. I’ll be leaving this thread.


I agree, it doesn’t give anyone the rights to confuse hate and criticism.


I have no idea whether the same words written below have been mentioned before or not but… well –

I think Mafia stories shouldn’t always revolve around the protagonists falling in love with the Mafia persons. I think most of these stories can depict the dangers related to getting involved with these kind of underworld organisations. It would give a real sense to the story. It doesn’t mean that the story wouldn’t have any romance then. Try it with the MC and the detective or cop helping him/her. Be creative and let your story be a medium to provide awareness to thousands of people out there! Who knows, maybe your story can also save an innocent life out there? And it all doesn’t have to revolve around romance only – what about friendship and family? What about the story of a Mafia-involved father and his innocent teen son who knows absolutely nothing who his father is and who he is working for? What about two best friends who, previously involved in gang-business, make it out of their drug-trafficking and substance-abuse? What about a female who is an Army General and Ex-Military Officer, working invisibly in the Mafia, and her goal to shut down the terrible organization and free thousands of innocents from its illegal and cruel grasp?
I really wish that one day there would be a horde of empowering stories on Episode, where each story would have its own unique meaning and utility for the community. I hope that this wish would come true one day :yellow_heart:.