Who else loves blackpink?

Hi guys!!!I’m such a big fan of Blackpink but my friends aren’t really into them and no one understands how good they are(talking about my friends).What’s your favorite song of them?


Like I’m not really a blink but I like Jennie’s solo and as if it’s ur last

Yeahhh I love those songs

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What is blackpink

It’s a k-pop group!

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I like their cover of ‘So Hot :fire:’ and their songs ‘See you later (my fav)’ and ‘Ddu-du-ddu-du’

Yeahh those are some good songs!!!

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I don’t love them but I do occasionally listen to their music. I only have listened to Kill this love, ddu-du-ddu-du and a few others.

Whats blackpink? :sweat_smile:

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it’s a K-pop group.

Ohh ok cool!!!