Who else played back in 2014



Hallo. Guten tag.
Is there any others whom where here during 2014? Remember when Classic was the only character style. And there were only 20 articles of clothing. The Bet was the most famous story on there? And lastly, how basically every story was just a crappy version of The Bet. Some even copied her story word per word.

Because I was. And it was helllll…
If you were, discuss in the comments
If you weren’t, you’re so lucky.


Yes, I think I even played before that. My favorite stories was probably Real Hollywood and Rich Witches. I actually am rereading them both now just for the nostalgia.


i did haha it was so different back then and i remember reading the classic version of complicated :joy:


I remember it too. I loved The Bet and the other series with all my heart :slight_smile: