Who feels the same way I feel

Writing is so difficult ,I was writing my stories only for me to play it and realise that the characters I have in the background is just clothes ,no avatars
I felt so bad after so many effort

I do, I have 42 of his videos guidelines but I usually find it difficult.

I messed up so many times so i have 12 unfinished stories and now I’m writing a new story that i wrote in 10th grade. and I’m editing it . i just hope it works out ok.

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am also writing a new one to. I hope I don’t go mad :joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy:
Good luck dear

Thank you. And Good luck to you too.


Hey guys someone was offering coding classes it may help you all just trying to help. Good luck to you all on your stores. :blush:

I feel it

Lol , even the laptop I got today I cannot use it. my case is worst

That might be a glitch you’re feeling. That feeling gets better! I know a lot about directing and know how to direct a smooth script, but I was once in your shoes! As I learned and watched tutorials, I slowly learned how to do it.

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