Who has an phone conversation background/overlay?

I need a phone conversation overlay or background, for three persons :slight_smile:

What do you mean, like a split background with phones

No, she means like a phone background, with text messages on it.

I may thing someone like this, maybe. Not sure, that is if she is talking about this @AMagic


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Oh yeah :smile: :neutral_face:

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I think if that was she was talking about lol

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I think she wants something like this:


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If this is what you mean, then you’ll need to upload a split screen picture meant for 2 people as a PNG file into the overlays section (the size of the picture must be below 1MB.)

Here’s an example:


#insert script here

(You’d add in any extra coordinates to have overlay positioned the way you want)

And then you’d place one of your characters in the background (INT. BACKGROUND) at layer 0, so they’re behind the split screen, and then you’d place the other two characters on the split screen at a higher layer so they’re in front of it.

Hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:

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