Who has food overlays!

I need food PRONTO! I know I saw people with food in their drives but I forgot who :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I need the food :sunglasses:please help


You might come across food overlays you love here: https://pixabay.com/vectors/search/food/

damn… thas a lot of fooooood

Well, I mean yeah, it’s a website that has a lot of images lol :woman_shrugging: You can also narrow your search to be more specific (ex. can type in “ice cream” if you’re looking for that)

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Maybe This?

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check @amepisode and @episodeaxiom on Instagram




Who do we credit?

click on the image and read the pixabay license.

Most say:

Free for commercial use
No attribution required (this means no credit necessary)


Are you sure? I hope episode won’t report my story later on.

So I recommend go over the images and make sure they don’t have logos. If you are un-sure you can request for episode backgrounds in art resources or come across people who make them. Or you can even make your own. Or you can stick with just episode’s.

Episode reviews backgrounds (it’ll say in review) and you can wait until it says “approved” to add in your script. But sometimes Episode might reject a BG even if there are no violations in which case u message Episode about it.