Who has the stupidest arguement?


Siblings, friends, parents. Describe the stupidest argument you’ve ever had. :grin:


me and my brother were arguing about how we first met…:woman_shrugging:t3::upside_down_face:


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I fought with my brother about if he made a farting noise while walking up the stairs.


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…my brother and me honestly had so many stupid fights…that cough cough I was right that I can’t name them all lol


I didn’t really argue with my sister :expressionless: she always wins it
Me and ma Friend were arguing how I make them annoys and guess who wins:sunglasses:


…you are lucky…


You are saying it two times a day😏


I asked my sister if i can have some chocolate she yelled at me for like 10 minutes then kept slapping me and I ran out of the house lmao






I once argued with my sister over if I owed her two glasses of water or not… That was yesterday.


Well, I argued with my younger sister for no reason… she escaped from me.
(Like really I fought her, idk why but she loves me so much and … well im sorta the opposite)


My sister and i had a fight

About who’s uglier.


I remember one day at school where the teacher gave us a question saying : what is a soul? Then we were asked to debate if our memories and experiences were taken away , would we still be the same person? But then the teacher added in a really bad example so errrrr…

Instead of debating the question we were told to answer, we ended up debating if a boat had feelings or not…

(Don’t ask … Just please don’t)


A friend and I got into a debate about the name of messenger systems.

Because I wanted to know the colour of a duck they’d photographed :joy:

It was quite funny.


I argued with my mom when she pronounced thermostat wrong because she has the thiccest accent.

She goes

“Ter-mo-sat” and I was like WHAT?


Uh. My friend and I * cough @livvy613 cough * we’re arguing about whether Ramen is pronounced Raymen or Rawmen…