Who hates Mary Sues?


I hate Mary Sues so much! Sometimes whenever I look at peoples OC’s, they wanna make that character the strongest person in the entire world or something. Like in Naruto.

Some people try to be strong, or Sasukes sister, or Itachi’s lover.


What’s a Mary Sue?


when people create characters and make them have the most impossible things that no one in the story/anime can have.


Yeah, Mary Sues are annoying. They’re bad characters and frankly are quite boring and 2D.


Oh like having supernatural powers for example? I’ve never really heard of that term (until now lol thanks for the explanation)


It’s kind of like when a person makes a “perfect” character. Like, they’d have tons of powers, so sweet and loyal, and their only flaw is that they’d do anything for the ones they love or something. (Or they just have no flaw :expressionless:)


It’s usually a character who have virtually no flaws and are the most powerful being in the universe they’re in for whatever reason. Commonly everyone loves them even if they treat them horribly and all that.


Ha ha yea, you explain better :joy:


You explain better too


That reminds me of Twilight lol, I now feel like Bella Swan could be a Mary Sue, she seems like somewhat a special character who has two attractive guys from two races fighting over her (the book was really cringy though)


Thank you for the explanation! <3


That is so true on so many levels now that I think of it.


Hate those… Like Lucy from “Fairy Tail”. I despised her so much, that I basically quit watching the anime.




I can’t stop laughing that Naruto compression is the best thing I have seen all day thank you


I hate Mary Sues, too. But I have a difficult time finding true Mary Sues.

I think more characters are “suish”, but very few are real sues. I heard Sam from Danny phantom was a sue, I wholeheartedly disagree. And korra from legend of korra. I disagree with that too. you know who really is “suish” tho?

Mikasa Ackerman. If you really think about it, she’s the most suish sue I’ve ever seen. But… She’s got redeeming stuff too. I love Mikasa, but she’s easily my third least favorite character in aot.