Who here knows subliminals? ( plus shading crisis return )

hey y’all this is me returning lol but just to chill honestly.
now imma be honest, i don’t usually talk abt it to anyone i know but imma put you on something i’ve known for quite a while now.
they r called subliminals, they r affirmations that are put under an audio so the conscience mind cannot hear them but the subconscious mind can. there is a lot of things to explain, and i’m not the best at that so do some research but just wanna say that there is science and proof that these work.
you can use subs for ANYTHING like frfr anything. literally search up “intelligence subliminals” on yt and you’ll find an entire community.

im gonna give some trusted sub makers below that i use personally, they r also pretty well known.

@mii !

if i accidentally tagged u then pls ignore this post, it was not intentional and is just the name of the sub creators

Yesss, of course I know subliminals!

But to be honest… they don’t work for me.

Instead, I just visualize something in my mind and it happens! For real!

Example: I was hungry one day and thinking about eating sushi. Later that day, my friends decide to order sushi!

That’s a very silly example, but it has also happened with other more personal things apart from food.

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that’s so cool!

honestly i think for them to work, u just have to believe fr

last night beauty krystalized released a new powerful booster, i think u should check it out and see what happens.

who knows? u might find more than just food in ur future🤍……

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