Who is against the new guidelines?

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Lol, hate to break it to you, but episode doesn’t pay attention to petitions. There has been so many, but episode doesn’t care.


Just out of curiosity, what is it that you’re against?

Against the ban for using guns on covers and no description of some scenes

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I’m trying maybe there will be an exception

I think of you specify that, you’ll be more likely to have them do something about it versus just say you’re against the entire thing

The thing is I am not the only one who against, and all of us have different reasons, that’s why in sum it meams we against of everything that changed

They don’t listen to petitions so.


Tbh, removing guns from covers isn’t much of a big deal, sure its a part of action stories, n whatever else. Just use something else than guns that relates to action. Just saying. :woman_shrugging:


It begins lmao


I mean… it ain’t that serious lol really not

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I’m not certain about the no guns on covers and no swear words, but apart from that I think the guidelines are reasonable and haven’t changed that much. Besides, Episode doesn’t respond to petitions.


What about the sex scene??? So we are not aloud to have them in bed … And you can’t describe what going on…

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Promoting petitions against episode guidelines on an episode platform…



Agreed. You can’t even say anything about sex, you can’t even put two people in bed together

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OMG that’s crazy … I’m glad I didn’t publish yet… So basic they kiss and get pregnant 🤦


Who wants to sign - please click on the link, who does not want to sign please do not create a mess here. I am not the only one who against the new guidelines, go check Instagram, you’ll see hundreds of authors and users who are not pleased with this situation. Episode will or will not react to the petition - this is their decision, ours was to create a petition and make them hear our voices. We’ll see what happen.

They’re probably making another app where these kinds of things are allowed… Sex wasn’t allowed in the first place anyway, that rule hasn’t changed. You couldn’t describe sex in the original guidelines anyway. Not many of the rules have changed tbh, they’re just enforcing them now.


No, you just don’t not show them ‘doing the do’ or use sexually explicit language.

You don’t need to explicitly show sex to imply people had sex. You are confusing guidelines for stories with guidelines for the covers


episode won’t pay attention to this??

there’ll be no exception.

this won’t help. look how the previous petitions have done & how episode hasn’t done anything from them.

i don’t like them but this is pointless.

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