Who is good at fixing script errors? HELP ME FIX BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE PLEASE!

I got a script error,
Is anyone great at scripting?
would you be able to look and tell me how to fix the error?
I cannot figure it out whatsoever…

remove exclamation mark from gain

You just can’t have a bracket. Try pause for a beat

I am confused. (I have difficulty understanding concepts alot.)

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Before the bracket put pause for a beat

put the bracket above the background, unless it’s there for a reason

The background is there because that is part of the other storyline I have to complete.

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put else in quotes, and put the bracket facing } above else, if that doesn’t work than only put else in quotes (I really am not sure of what i’m doing, but i do think it could help)

You need something after the background

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Sooo I MAY have gotten a new error.

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Error ended up fixing.