Who is good with overlays?

i need someone to help me with overlays

What exactly do you need help with? rotating shifting or something?:sparkling_heart:


i need this overlay

placing on this background

so it covers it perfectly so when i pan to zone 3 and then back again it doesnt show any black or the background on the side of it

Can i see your script?

@overlay 4527862507700224_LIVING ROOM1 shifts to -142 -6 in zone 1
@overlay 4527862507700224_LIVING ROOM1 scales to 1.324 1.324
@overlay 4527862507700224_LIVING ROOM1 moves to layer 0
@pan to zone 3
@pan to zone 1

So when you pan again to zone 1 it only shows black right?

it shows the background but with the overlay off

Maybe add some Opacity like
@overlay LIVINGROOM1 opacity 1 in 0 when you’re trying to pan in zone 1 again.

Just play around with the coordinates.
I’m seeing the height looks ok but you need more width.
So, instead of scales to 1.324 1.324
You can put scales to 1.500 1.324
The first represent width and the second is height.

that worked thank you :slight_smile:

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