Who is prettier in your opinion?

I can’t decide between these two. What do you guys like better in your opinion?

  • Pic 1
  • Pic 2

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I chose pic 2 only because I can’t stand the lip shape of pic 1 on characters with light-medium skin tones. :joy: If it wasn’t for the lip shape, I would’ve chosen pic 1.

I guess it could depend what kind of pretty you’re thinking of, an effortless sort of beauty, a mean-girl kind of glamour, or a woman-who-goes-the-extra-mile beauty. :woman_shrugging:

Or maybe all you wanted is the first impression and it’s better without context lol.


Everyone has a different opinion as what beauty is, and it’s hard to judge someone on looks and as what? Beautiful, pretty, cute and for what? As a popular girl, a nerd, athletic. Is she nerdy cute, or shy cute? Makeup beautiful or Naturally beautiful? It’s hard when you don’t know the context. Honestly it doesn’t matter how hot you are it’s about your personality, no one wants to date a beautiful b*tch, however maybe some people would like to date an ugly but nice person. It depends but I went with 1 cause she’s pretty (just don’t make her to mean or no one will choose her as a love interest)


they deadass both look the same


pic 1 is prettier


Hahahah omg

2 is prettier and 1 is hotter :laughing:

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I chose pic 1, it’s the prettier :slight_smile:

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