Who is ready for tonight’s lunar eclipse? 🌕

Are you gonna watch the eclipse tonight?
Personally I’m gonna watch it.


Same. Thanks for reminding me!

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No problemo.

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It has officially started!

It happened already didn’t it?

Happened last night. Anyone get any pics?! :open_mouth:

What since when

I think it happens every 18 years

I did not know this #Shook

“Location - Earth” LMAO i love how they had to specify and also yeh I didnt know

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I watched it, it was really cool.

Did you get to see it last night? :open_mouth::scream:

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Nope! I totally missed it. :frowning: Weird thing is that the moon was very full and bright where I was. :thinking:



Some bad quality pictures


oh well I will see it when I am 32 then if ur right XD

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OOUUUUU pretty
(I sound like a kid but that’s legit what I said XD)

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Lol, it was actually fully covered when I took the picture but it somehow just looks half covered?

I saw it last night!! I’m gonna try to see it tonight too