Who is willing to do a art cover that is free

Hey, I need a cover for my story. I am broke so I wont be able to pay but anyone who is willing to do it please tell me and if you want, show me some of your work. My insta is epi.violet if you want to dm me there


hey! is it ink or LL?

it is LL

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oh sorry i donโ€™t do LL, hope you find someone tho!

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Well thank you though!

If you donโ€™t find anyone soon try an art shop! Almost all the art shops on the forms are free! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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Hey I can make u a edited one if you want me to let me know

That would be cool!

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ok here is a form that you can fill out so i can make your cover

1 story name and author name you want me to put on and if not:
2 how many characters:
3 style ink or ll
4 what are there deets and outfits:
5 pose:
6 background:
7 when do you need it by:

1.This will be for the small cover so I do not need the title name for it.
2. It is LL
3. do you have insta so I can send you the deets

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ok yes i do it is evi.eepisode