Who is willing to do art scenes for my new book? :D

Hey there! My name is Addi/Violet, I am making a new book called “College Days: Once in a lifetime” I really think that even if my book doesn’t snag a spot in the competition bookshelf, I do believe I can excel with this book! Which is why I need an artist who is willing to do art scenes for my book! If you would like to please fill out this form by replying;

What times are you available? (On weekdays and weekends)
How active are you from a scale from 1-10?
What would you be preferred to be called by? (Like your name)


Send some example(s)!

Thanks everyone so much!

May I ask, Who made the second and 3rd art scene?

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier my mouse froze for like the 50th time lol

It was @fcukforcookies

Hey. Yep I did these works. Most recent are below so you get the idea.
What times are you available? Every damn day
How active are you from a scale from 1-10? 12
What would you be preferred to be called by? Elena

My art works

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Your so good! And Alrighty! May I PM you when I need one done?

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How did the third angel slip outta my hand?

I can do it if you are too busy

Also once my book has 3 chapters u can read the first (and second (if u want) since the first is customzation) if u would like!

Do ya need examples?


Oh my. Just a kind advice, as if you want me to make art, I supposed to care for the story too. Never do the first chapter as customization only. I’ll explain. First chapter is pass free, so that reader can decide whether he/she wants or not to read this story. I never read a story, where first chapter is customization only. Because IMO it’s kinda lazy.

Tysm for the advice, I will change that.

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Is t fine if its normally about half as long as a normal chapter would be, though?

Because I wrote about a 1000 lines on chapter 2 and now I converted it to chapter 1, which is now about 3,000 lines?

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Well, I try to maintain more of the same chapter length for all the chapters. But if you feel like you need to rebuilt episode too much, then I guess you can stick to that. I usually do my episodes length around 10 minutes (or 1200-1400 lines), without customization.

I usually like to do around 3000 lines NOT including customatization, because I do advanced directing.

1000 lines chapter is very solid :slight_smile: I think it’s ok if along with customization it takes 3000 lines