Who is your best friend and why? (And you can chat with your bestie(s))


Who is your best friend and WHY?

Hey guys! So I find friendships very neat and fascinating! I’d like to say most people on here has a best friend on here!

So, drop a comment below on who they are and name some things you love about them!

Yes you are allowed to reply to the person who mentioned you but NO going off topic!

You can also mention your best friend in real life! :smiley:

Or your really good friend!

You can also chat a little.


Is @ken.gray
Well he is my best friend because I feel like I can trust him with anything! He’s so sweet and funny, and Idk he’s like the other half of me! When I am moody he finds some way to cheer me up! If I could hug him forever I would! He’s just AH-MAY-ZIINGGGG :heart: and for some reason Im his BFF too. And he can take my craziness! So thank you, Dorky!



Tell your story how did you meet your best friend and how did you become best friends?

Are we talking about “online best friends” only or real life too?




She is a queen :crown:
Loves memes :rofl:
Is petty like me :joy:


Aww okay, I’m out then. :smiley: Have fun. :stuck_out_tongue: :sparkling_heart:


She’s not only a friend, but she’s my epi twin (we have the same author name on the app)
I enjoy to drift away from reality and because I’m don’t have any siblings in real life, it’s kind of cool to have a twin online.
And we’re really twinning very often!
You just have to love that girl!
(And she’s the only one I really know on here…soooo…:sweat_smile:)


AWWW you are so sweet! We do twin so much, I am so so happy we met!


I guess @Daniela96 or @kennedy11


My best friend? @Artistofepi. Yeah, it’s quite peculiar (I don’t know how to spell lmao) how we became close, but she’s so funny. Always makes me happy. There’s more people too:



Sorry for offending everyone.
I don’t have a best friend on the forums but the Only friend that I would call close to best friend is @Adam.Epy
Because Me and him have been back and forth on a daily basis…he doesn’t talk to me a lot nowadays for some reasons but I remember when I first met him I was a hater and Didn’t care but at the end of the day we are still friends.
I love ya Bro!


Aww. Thanks!!!


You’re welcome! :heart:


I would have to say my best friends:
Each has their own reasons why we are close but I am thankful to have each and everyone of you in my life.


Aww thanks C


my bestie is @meadowh. She’s an amazing and incredible girl. We’ve gone through a lot of shit together but been together through it all. Love ya, Ado!!!


Ahhhhhh thanks lovey!!! Love ya


I can’t pick that is like picking a favorite chocolate :joy::chocolate_bar:


@ChayChay ty for being in my life. Til this day I dont know what I would have done without you. You mean the world to me and Im glad to have you in my life. I love to the moon and back.


Awww D!!!