Who is your best friend and why? (And you can chat with your bestie(s))


I know that’s why I eat them!


my best friend is food




mostly people are like
“my phone is my best friend (And loads of other crap)”
and im here like
is my brudda


@Hope_fully and @Mystery.Author are my right and left hand, so when I clap, I smash them together, i ned help fml, pls dont kill me


Is ThiS WhERe ThE kiDS saY thE sAPPy ThIngs?


@NattyGomez ! Girl IlY!!! You’re amazing in like, every single way. I feel like I can really open up to you! Ma ShIstar from another mother, Thankyou for being there for me, ALL THE TIME, But I feel like u haven’t been ur weird self lately th, was the matter with that?

@Chesirekitten101 hheeeeyyyyy KITTTYYYY! You honestly are one of the sweeeetest ppl I’ve ever ever ever known! Your heart is just as good as…as…something really good! :joy:(pshhhh shh) But I haven’t talked to ya in agggeess! I miss ya :frowning_face:

@Episode-Diamonds Thankyou for alwaaayyyysss being there for me. ILY!!

@HopeFrvr IK were not close and all, but I still consider ya my friend lol. no wait, you are my shistar. You have an amazing heart, you like never are rude. YA, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

…Donnnnnnttt beeee sssaaaadd if you ain’t here gals, or…pals. Cuz it means that I either forgot or I… eh.


I will slap ur face. :slightly_smiling_face:




@Colombe_N is my online bestie …


@Killerfrost Hi it’s been a long time since I saw you here and thank you for this, You are my friend/ shistar too :hibiscus:


Gah gahh Ohlaa laaa ma moofin! @Killerfrost

I wass sussppeeennnddeed!! dat was zo sad

Sank iuu fro ur butiful messageeee!!

le nut and le lizard is back/ muha ha ha ha ha haaa

cough cough* anywaaii Ily too :heart: you are la best people, i Know here

goes awaaii dancing


Awww thannkuu


Haha, DNT WORRYYY U BACCKK NOOWWW! Our craziness starts.

intrups le nuts dancing


Lol Skittles randomly and awkwardly walks in. I LOVE YOU GUYS


Muhahaha it is our begigning


man form the back** – Shut up! we don’t care!

Ughh rude anywaii, we back :slight_smile:



Awwhh how bootiful

aproches with cutennesss

eats a skittle and runs


I want to say something but I’m not one of those types of people. :eyes::joy:


Skittles are the BOMBA


Yass yass yasss :heart:


I looooooove them!