Who is your fav female character/MC in a stories?

Who is your fav female lead/MC in stories (could be multiple)
And why is she your fav?
What type of female lead/MC do you like?
What stories do you recommend with good female lead/MC?

hmmm… I would have to say Ophelia from The Plus One by Castel ! Why? Well, she’s funny and I can relate to her sooo much. I also like how she usually has opinions and follows her dreams of becoming a photographer. Those are the kind of female MC’s I like. The strong independent ones who don’t need a man to be successful in life. Other stories I recommend with a good female lead are:

  • He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers
  • Dead 7 by Kayla Sloans
  • Zezzy Montero takes on the World by Toriah
  • (and obviously) The Plus One by Castel

These are obviously just a few examples, but I definitely think that the MC’s in these stories are different then the usual and stand out more. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I agree with your type of female lead. I think most romance consist of cliche female lead and very annoying female lead who are very candy girl. I like sassy, cool and overall good female lead.

I haven;t read Some of your stories you recommend me i will read them.

I am trying to find more strong good female leads :smiley:

I’m good with any female lead so long as she’s well rounded, not the “badass female character” kinda character, a female lead that is actually feminine and uses feminine strengths to solve her problems as opposed to traditionally masculine ones unless, of course, she’s super natural.

I assume we’re only talking about Episode stories? In that case, I haven’t really analyzed any stories enough to particularly like an MC. :thinking: I mean, they’re all great ^^ I think I just prefer male characters in general, so females don’t stand out as much to me. lol

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I agree with you preferences, i tend to avoid featured stories and most of romance stories due to candy female leads and mostly annoying ones.
I am also trying to find a good story with good female mc,
i also agrees with above ones but i need a non cliche female lead to read a story lol.