Who is your favorite "Elite" character?

Who’s your favorite Elite character? comment down
Mine is Carla, Lu and Valerio and Polo :blush::blush:

(I’m sure this will flop :unamused:)


Ander!!! :pleading_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Aaaah I’m obsessed with Aron Piper. :sneezing_face:
Valerio is a strong second though!

Edit: I like Guzman and Lu as well, I think I like half of the cast :pensive:

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ikr :grin: :smile:

I am obsessed with Rebeka, she is my favourite

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she used to be my fave, not anymore. but she’s cool! :heart: :sunglasses:

I absolutely adore Nadia (but I think that’s only cos I have a crush on her :skull:). Next to her would be Valerio tho

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