Who Is Your Favorite Episode Character From Any Story?



From any story that you have read on Episode, who is your favorite character?


Mine :joy::grin::rofl:




lol…let me think just a sec
TREY from Chain Reaction. He’s my bea :heartpulse:


ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORIES EVERRR! He’s my favorite from the series, lol :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Trey is mine!

Get your hands off my man! :joy::joy:


No, he’s mine! Hands off! He chose me!


Lol we are actually married so… :kissing_heart:
Here ya go :ice_cream::ice_cream::ice_cream::ice_cream:
Ice cream helps when your sad


I think you’re gonna need the ice cream.
Trey didn’t tell you that we’re already engaged, and we’re getting married tomorrow.


Too much drama :skull_and_crossbones:




Good luck with that. :joy:


I’ve already got the luck, honey. He’s marrying me tomorrow! Luck is on my side! :rofl::rofl::joy:


We’ll see about that. :joy:

Sorry to tell ya this we are already married. :heartpulse:


what happen to Kendall?


Well, there can only be one, and he has chosen me. :slight_smile:


He’s just a friend of course! I would never betray Trey.


Sorry guys, but y’all got to move on​:joy::sob:. Unless you want to meet Trey in the other side :woman_shrugging::joy:


I actually am married to Trey so…


I totally haven’t been I totally haven’t been watching this topic. :expressionless::joy:

P.S. @sofia2 You spelt Trey’s name wrong. :joy::joy: