Who is your favorite YouTuber?


Im a sucker for commentary channels, I have some in my mind but its best to not tell :joy:

Who are your favorites?


The ACE family are my favorite Youtubers


Jeffree star


Never heard of them, what kind of videos do they make? :thinking:


A makeup legend :ok_hand:t2:


YEp :joy:


They are a family Youtuber


Nice! Tbh, i wouldnt have courage to record daily vlogs, so props to them! :clap:t2:


Liza Koshy & David Dobrik a.k.a Vlog Squad :heart:


Ahhh yes! Shes so funny, although I’ve been distant from her channel lately, gotta catch up :joy:


You better


But she hasn’t been uploading much since she started a yt red series.


YouTube Red wasn’t out in my country the last time I checked, is it fully released?


her series ?


Cody Ko (comedian - sarcastic and great editor)
Noel Miller (comedian - madman and funny af)
Trisha Paytas (she is my guilty pleasure lol)
Eleanor Neale (true crime and beauty)
Gabulosis (true crime)
Cayleigh Elise (true crime and horror)
Rob Dyke (true crime and horror as well as social commentary and some comedy)
David Dobrik (brilliant vlogger and fun to watch)




Superwoman (Lilly Singh)




I don’t think so she released only 4 episodes


Too bad that she’s inactive on her main channel


ikr :sob: