Who is your favorite

in the different styles. which of the already made characters you pick from is your favourites

my own is

classic. Larrisa and Sam
ink. Agatha And Matthew
limelight. Grace and Roy

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This is a difficult question, tho ^^’

I’m not much of a reader, so I haven’t read a whole lot of stories. I’ve started 2 classic stories, thanks to JannahJackson, but I’m not too far into them enough to really decide :thinking:

Favorite ink story is…well this is no surprise, really, but Silent Voice. LOL

And favorite LL story…CYBER. Easy ^^

not to be rude but this answer has nothing to do with my question

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…I guess I misunderstood? …

Oh, I think I have a better idea what you meant, but I’m sure I still don’t quite get it ^^’

which of this already make characters do you like best.

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Ooooh! I got you, fam!!! My bad…LOL

Classic: Luis and Sasha

Ink: Ahish and Kim

LL: Pearl and Roy

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