Who is your favourite moderator/administrator?


Hi guys, I am wondering who your favourite moderator or administrator is!

There is:


Pick your favourite out of those! The person below will comment on who you picked! Moderaters, administrators and @Trinady you can also join in aswell!


@KACY_Episode: I like @Jeremy!
@SilverStar: @Jeremy can be funny, but mostly serious
I like @Trinady

You can also vote using the voting post down below!

And so on…
I will start

I like @Jeremy!


Jeremy and Ryan! Im not choosing :joy:


This is pretty cool of you to do! Giving all the people who work “behind the scenes” on this forums some recognition for all the hard work they do to make this place great!

If I had to pick, My favorite would be @Jeremy, Keep being awesome!


Here you go.

  • Liz
  • Jeremy
  • Ryan
  • ForumAdmin
  • Pandaminion
  • Trinady
  • i.desforges

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And so the moderator civil war began…


I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have made the voters public.


Hahaha I like it this way. There’s nowhere to hide.


Jeremy and Ryan are so vigilante in keeping the forums tidy and are so friendly and sometimes interact with us (also, from what I’ve seen, Jeremy is pretty hilarious) but Trinady seems really sweet and from what I’ve seen on Instagram, she the kind of person I would be friends with in real life… also, I’ve been conditioned to love her because she brings us clothing and music updates etc.
And then Liz brings us all these portal updates and contest posts and her posting style is really matter of fact and no nonsense and I like that… especially when I’m receiving information.

Soooooo, yeah, tl;dr, I can’t choose😂




I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Although there are some certain things I like better in each one of them than all of them/