Who is your role model


Who is that person that that you want to be like him her.
It could be their personality or a traiy idk

You can tell why and what do you like most about this person


Jeon Jungkook


My parents :kissing_smiling_eyes::v:t5:


my mom


and dad


Oscar Wilde :3


My sister, I guess. I always try to be liek her, but she’s so much smarter and productive. I’m just horrible at managing.


Dove Cameron, @Scarlet_Wolf my bestie I see almost everyday, my parents and relatives,

Shawn Mendes

and yh that’s it


A person I’d love to be like…

My boi Gavin




I’d kill to be Gavin for a day


A person I would love to be is Mighty Duck for a day :joy:


image image image




Who wouldn’t want to be like MD?


I vibe with that


I don’t really know :joy:


Honestly? My role model?

This might be dumb :woman_facepalming:t3:

My role model is @Cam. I really look up to you and admire you a lot. You’re really cool and nice and likeable. Not to mention, you’re super smart!!!


My role model is Jacksepticeye bc he’s made me laugh every day for almost 5 years straight. He helps me focus on my PMA (positive mental attitude) and he’s honestly the sweetest most honest guy on YouTube. He’s probably the most genuine YouTuber on the whole platform.

I wouldn’t want to be him, I just wanna have the same job as him one day and hopefully meet him :pleading_face::heart_eyes::joy: I just look up to him greatly.


Another one of my role models is @Adam.Epy babe you’re so strong. Not just physically but emotionally too. I really look up to you for that because it’s an admirable trait to go through all these terrible things, but to come out of them stronger and better than ever. I know sometimes you get put down, or there’s a bad mood you can’t shake off, but just know I’ll be here to help. And I know, even without me, or someone else, you’d still be able to get through all your issues because you’re that strong. One day, I wish I can be as resilient and strong as you, but for now I’ll just have to hope. :sweat_smile: I love you :heart:


Good news : you will


No it’s not dumb


Gosh, Ama, you’re so sweet
Thanks, this really made my day :3