Who isn't "American" here?

I put American in quotes because to me an American is anybody who lives in America. The ACTUAL America, which is a CONTINENT. So technically, my Canadian booty is American too, because I live and was born in America. THE CONTINENT.


So I’m curious to how many people here are American (USA) and who aren’t (like me). The poll’s anonymous so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

  • American American (USA)
  • Literally anything else because USA isn’t the only country on this earth

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I have nothing against Americans (USA) don’t take it wrong, I’m really just curious as to where people are from. You can share what you love most about your country/city (you don’t even have to say which country/city).


Yeah, as an American American the whole “America only means USA” has always bothered me a bit.


I thought you meant who’s a lesbian :sob::joy:


If it makes it any better, I plan to move to Australia. :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t get why only people who live in the USA are called American, not that I want to be called American or anything (Because I really don’t) but it doesn’t make sense.


Well the U.S.A is called the United States of (North) America. And I don’t think Unitica or Statica has a good ring to it.

(Also, the founding fathers were a little lazy. When it first started North & South America was called the Americans. So I guess they just took that.)

They just had to find a better name :joy:

I’m kidding don’t take that seriously


Lol it’s fine.

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I think it’s interesting to see what people call continents from different places. Like I’m from the us and we only say America referring to our country, but I just think that that is interesting :blush:

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Maybe they could have thought of something just like how the people of United Arab Emirates are called Emirati. It does have a good sound to it but it’s really odd since they aren’t the only ‘Americans’


Yeah it’s true, but I think it’s a few hundred years so late for that. :woman_shrugging: Like, no one is gonna say it, even if they do change it. You know?


True, we’re just gonna have to deal with it :sunglasses:


I’m Canadian. :partying_face:


maybe you should change the title to “who isnt from the USA” then…

i live in the US but im white and asian.

Not necessarily though. We do say Central America and South America (or Latin America) alot. (When the conversation stories ofc)

I’m Canadian and I love our diversity, land, and the love that our country gets from its inhabitants. On Canada day I waited 5 hours for a Canada day thread but none appeared to I made one!


I come from Ireland and I love the fact how we are typically presented as “behind the times” but actually 80% of the population voted for same-sex marriage to be legalized.


One thing I love about Britain is that we have same-sex marriage legalised.


From Ireland too

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I’m from London! I’m also brand new to this forum! Hello everybody!