Who knows what could be wrong?


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This will help you…you can post your query here…

Thanks! :yellow_heart:

Line 719, remove the word “Swallow”.

HANNAH (talk_sit_shrug_neutral)
Why didn’t you answer her?

(Swallow) points to the name of the flag that I need in the branch, it works without it, but the history does not go to the desired branch. But thank you for your help!

Did you forget to write “choice” before the actual choice? :thinking:


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I can see you have 3 cases, rudely, swallow and another which I can’t see. So if you mention already the conditions for gain rudely and the other gain, then you can simply write
else { your scene here}
You can not mention a condition in the else part. That’s why it’s not working. Remove (Swallow) and it will work!

There are two tab spaces between the gain swallow remove the spaces then you’re all good.

after else you should nou have to write any condition ( any round bracket)

write it like this


Thank you, I understood what the mistake was :blush:

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Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thank you, I understood what the mistake was :scream_cat: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The error was in another one, but thank you for your help

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