Who likes Gacha here?


Anyone? I looove Gacha life :heart_eyes: It’s anime
Maybe you can send your characters if you have gacha :blush: My PFP is a gacha life character :blush:


Me! Do you have a YouTube channel?


Yep. But no Gacha vids yet




I love Gacha! I only have Gacha studio thou, but I’m gonna get Gachaverse and gacha life later when I’m less busy


When I get a phone that actually lets me download things( is it available on other devices as well?), gacha is on the top of my list! I’ve seen so many stories on YouTube that are full of cliches and things that don’t make sense to me at all, not to throw shade or anything, but I adore all the outfits and wings they have as well as gear!


I agree you with cliche stories :expressionless: They always have copied series like “The hated child becomes a princess” or “My bully loves me”


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