Who lives in France ? 🇫🇷

Hi Episodians !
At the moment I’m looking for someone who lives in France (Auvergne). It’s a person who is really important for me because he’s like my brother.
Is there anyone who lives in or around this area ? This would mean so much to me !
Also if you have other ideas that you know to find someone you can tell me !
I’m desperate. :pensive:

I only know some French, I wish I lived there though :rofl:

Take me with you :sneezing_face::joy:

:woman_mage:t2:Expeliarmus! BoOm I c da Eiffel tower

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I know that @kimballet and @Mary-P do :blob_sun: I don’t however I would love to visit France and practice all the French I’ve been learning :blob_hearts:


Tu t’en sors plutôt bien

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I’m right down the street from where the naked ladies dance.

I live in France but not in/too near Auvergne, désolée !


Thanks for your help ! :smiley:

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I live in France too but in the South so not near Auvergne sorry :sweat_smile:

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It’s okay ! Are you from the North side ? :blush:

Lol it’s quite the opposite ! It’s fine though ! :blush:

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Nope. Juste mes yeux :nerd_face:

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@Nick or @Sydney_H can you close this thread please ? My problem is solved ! :+1: