Who made this overlay?

I found this laptop overlay when I looked up a laptop overlay on google. Whenever I do find an overlay, I try to find who made the overlay so I can credit them in my story. I don’t want to use the overlay and not credit someone or use it without their permission. So I’m wondering if anyone knows who made this overlay?

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what did you type in google to get this overlay? their should be a website or other information that can lead you to the owner.

I did, and it lead me to a thread for people asking someone to make overlays. I looked through it and couldn’t find it.

oh ok.

I think this belongs to @viasvitae. Im not sure but i will check.

Ok no, it doesnt belong to her, yeah I just checked on google, it says the same thing what you said, so idk whos overlay it belongs to…

Well thanks for trying to help me :). I 'll keep looking


Thank youu

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