Who makes overlays?

Hello reader’s, i wouldn’t of posted this if i wasn’t desperate…
so could somebody please create or send me a blanket overlay as well as a sofa overlay, i can always include more detail through the comments, thankyouuu

Episode diamonds does

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Do you have a certain couch in mind? Or Blanket color?

I can make or find you some, I just need to need to know what color you want for the blanket and sofa.

Amberose shared us theese https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ev2oUf6kHjnc6M8Cc6qsN734uCr5Ygrb

hello, preferably an old worn sofa aswell as a worn blanket.

thankyou so much for helping me out


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I can make it give me a second

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Thankyou for your offer and so sorry for the late reply. Thanks tho

ive received these overlays now

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omg really thankyou

@zoe4564 can

why did you say that? you know I was in school right?

Hi sorry i had to do a lot yesterday do you still need the overlay an do you have an idea of what kind you want it to be?