Who makes splash art?

Can someone make me some splash art?

I need it to say:
‘For sneak peaks and updates follow my instagram @ tehya_episode’

backround can just be like a light pink :slight_smile:
and could you use this character art thing

thank youu

I can do it! But it says I don’t have access to that topic.


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What do you mean?

To the link?



can you see this?

If you want you could make it, that would be great :smile:


Yep, I have read them, and I promise to keep them and give you creds

Okay so I want it to say

“For sneak peaks and updates follow my instagram @ tehya_episode” in really nice posh font and I don’t mind the layout of it.

And I want my limelight character to be somewhere on the page…
Backround to just be light pink and it doesn’t have to be plain whatever looks the best!

And that is all x

@DogLover990 can you see this?

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Oh um how can I show you the character?

Try this link !

So someone already made me the art form I just need you to put that in somehow

They’re trying to say that they wants you to use you this
In one of the post above ^^
From @Bethany1

No problem :grin:

Aghh thank youuu so muchh!