Who need help making a cover?

Hello, this is a free way to get a cover. I have been doing this for a while and I think that I am good but that will be for you to decide. I will be available from times 7:30am-3:00pm. Usually I would be able to make you cover In less than 3hrs but scene I would be helping multiple people It mite be a range of 2-3days. I may finish faster then predicted date. If you have any more questions just reply to this post and I will quickly answer. Please share this topic with your friends or anyone that may need a cover. My examples are down below.

Have a Great day!! :grin:


Hey, I understand why you wouldn’t want to post your art, but most if not all people won’t email someone as they don’t necessarily want to give out personal information and/or don’t want to feel obligated to get a cover if they don’t click with your art style - not to mention, if someone wanted to steal your art, they could just email you and then take it. I would highly recommend posting it here with a watermark, that way if someone stole it your name would still be on it.


Oh ok, will do thank I did’t even think of that lol.

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i don’t see the examples?

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Go here:

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Since you have a new thread, if you tag @/Sydney_H she can close this one for you :slight_smile:

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