Who needs a cover art? (CLOSEDFORNOW)

Yo guys, so I decided why not make cover arts for people. Here are some of the covers I made, it’s for my story SHANKED! Why don’t you man read it in the mean time :wink:

So here are the rules now;
-Give me a nice and easy pose lmao because I need something basic :joy:
-Be patient, these don’t get made that quick!
That’s really it, lol.
Here is the little request form:

Btw the first one is my most recent :wink:
Also message me when you have submitted it!


I submitted

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Hi! Is this still open?



Is this still available???


Do you do Limelight?

I never made one from limelight but I could try.

can you do backgrounds or do you know someone that can do backgrounds?

Hey, I don’t know how to do backgrounds but I think episode royalty do it but I’m not sure.

thank you sm! Btw your backgrounds are amazing!

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Thank you❤️

When are you gonna open? Btw those look great!


Are you looking for one because I’m open to requests?

I’ll be opening at some point but I’m not sure when because I want to start to focus on my story and thank you